Casey Neistat is ending his VLOG

The news is official. Yes, he is resigning from posting daily vlog and will be focusing on making different kinds of content altogether in the coming future. Don’t freak out! He is not leaving Youtube completely but just ending the vlog type of video from his channel.

I discovered Casey channel a year back around October and have been religiously watching his vlog everyday. The content he put out is always positive and inspirational. Not to mention, the video coupled with drone shots look freaking great.

No other vlogger in Youtube can make vlog video looks so good and down to earth like Casey can.  I will really miss his daily vlog and his cool wife whose always look grumpy but most people don’t know is that that’s just how she normally looks like. She is just comfortable in her own skin.

Before the released of his final vlog video. There have been some inconsistent upload of his daily vlog if you have noticed. It spans somewhere between 2 to 3 days from releasing a brand new one. Then, he drop this bomb on us on his final entry of his vlogging adventure.

I respect his decision to do so and hope to look forward for new contents on his channel. Perhaps he will have more family time now and more time to pursue his creative endeavour compare when he need to output quality vlog on a day-to-day basis.

And another

Grace from Texan in Tokyo

There is another favorite Youtuber I like a lot have also just announced their exit from Youtube. If you have subscribed to any jvlogger (Japanese/Japan Vlog) than you might be familiar with Texan in Tokyo. They are a lovely couple and their contents are great. It’s sad to see Grace leave :'( she’s pretty awesome and it’s kinda break my heart to see her leave.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone can take it as you are sharing every aspect of your life online in a form of a video stream. Taking criticism, praise, comment on from random Internet stranger is a lots to deal with. Youtube is not a life anyone want to live forever as it is a huge intrusion into one’s privacy.

As fans, we have to accept that there will come a time where we need to say good-bye and hope them all the best in life.

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