Easy Day Trip to Johor Bharu, it’s just with Bus Ride Away

It’s super easy to plan a day trip to Johor Bahru just to chill out and enjoy yourself by using the bus systems in Singapore. There are many bus companies that will ferries people over the border to Johor. You can easily choose from SBS, Causeway Link and SMRT.

I would recommend Causeway Link buses compare to others with its speedy service and comfortable seats. There are quite a numbers of them going to different location in Johor. If you are interested then have a look at their page.

For the focus of this post, I will direct your attention to the CW2 buses that start from Queen Street and end at Larkin Bus Terminal. Since we are talking about a day of leisure, we will be departing from Johor Bahru CIQ complex (Johor Checkpoint).

From Singapore

Take the MRT to Bugis station. Once you’ve tapped out, take a left turn to reach Queen Street above. After you have surfaced, try to look for a big “Auston” signage then start walking toward to that direction. By this time you would probably be able to see yellow CW signage or yellow buses taking off.

Go toward it and be ready with $3.30 SGD on hand to buy the boarding ticket. The whole ride will take more or less 30 minutes based on the traffic condition of that day to Woodlands CIQ Complex (Woodlands Checkpoint).

Once you are at Woodlands checkpoint. Depart the bus and then enter the building to pass through custom. The wait can be anyway from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of people of that day.

Helpful Tips:

If you are a valid work permit holder then you can use the express lane that Singaporean uses on the left side of the custom.

This is a 2 step process.

Step 1: Open your passport and flip to the summary page and let the machine scan it. It will give you the green-light if it can validate you.

Step 2: After that, the tiny gate will open in front of you and now you will need to do a thumb print scan as a form of final verification. Remember to press harder so the machine can properly scan it if not then it will keep asking you to re-scan.

You can use the express lane when you come back too.

After SG Checkpoint

Walk back down to the bus bay and spot for CW2. It doesn’t matter which Cw2 as any will do. Carefully follow the floor marking. There should be lines with bus numbers on them. Look for CW2 on the floor so you can be on the right track to board the bus.

The ride over the causeway is just a 5 minutes ride if there are no traffic.

You will need to get off at Johor Bharu CIQ checkpoint. Exit the bus and take the escalator up to clear custom again but this time it is Johor custom. If you’re a Malaysian then you can use the Malaysian express lane to speed up the process.

After Johor Checkpoint

Once you have passed through custom. You are now officially in Malaysia. You could continues the journey to Larkin bus terminal as CW2 intended destination or exit from here and just eat and shop in the surrounding area of the checkpoint.

Most people will just dine and shop in City Square and KOMTAR JBCC. As they are just a stone throw away from the checkpoint complex.

Heading back

You don’t need to board any buses in JB Sentral. So, just walk over to the Johor CIQ complex where you originally arrived at. You can see big signs saying “Woodland”. Just follow it and you will be lead to custom again. Clear it then look for Platform B.

Causeway Link buses are parked at platform B at bay 22, 23 and 24. Take the escalator down and you will be immediately be greeted by the yellow buses.

Prepare $3.40 MYR for the bus ticket back to Singapore. You don’t need to buy the ticket at the Causeway Link counter even if you want they will just ask you to buy the ticket directly from the bus driver once you board.

After you’ve arrived at Woodlands Checkpoint. Go through customs again then baggage check. If you noticed, there are no baggage check leaving singapore or entering Johor but there is a check entering Singapore.

Take the escalator down and take a turn. You will see the track for CW2. This is the final leg and it will bring you back to Queen street where you originally start.

Safe trip!

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