Good Podcasts On Understanding Our Human Predicament

This post serves as a single source to share all the collapse related podcasts that I’ve listen and would recommend to others. So, if you’re interested then dive right through them.

Petra in Jordan of what’s left by the Nabataeans.
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Fall of Civilization

I recommend Paul’s work if you are deeply interested in history of civilization. The Fall of Civilization as he view through history with a collapse lens to understand what happen to the society, how they live and what happen to them.

He ask 3 basic questions and tries to answer them in the podcast.

  • What did they have in common?
  • Why did they fall?
  • And what did it feel like to watch it happen?

The storytelling and exploration of these ancient societies are great in details and can easily breeze you through the morning commute.

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Great Simplification

I love how Nate Hagens invites people who are deeply aware of our human predicaments and talk about it over in a very easy to understand way for the listeners to absorb. Their discussion are very in-depth and thorough in details.

It’s always a treat to see a new episode popping up in my feed.

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Breaking Down Collapse

Kory & Kellan gives a good foundation introduction to what does it means to be collapse-aware from episode 1 until 8. These 8 episodes can help to serve as a guidepost to further understanding our collective predicament.

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