My Mediocre DataFlow Experience

I needed to have both of my Diploma and Degree certified for my entry into Singapore. So, MOM recommended DataFlow to do the due diligence. I did what was needed by I don’t have a good experience with it.

Yes, this is a rant and it also serve as a cautionary tales for those who might use the service in the future

Story Time

The time it needed to go through the process takes me 2 months just to verify 2 pieces of education certification. To me that’s a bit absurd. I mean, if it takes 2 weeks yea that will be great but nope.

Do you know how they verify the documents?

Nope, they don’t sent people out as that would cost too much money since the service charges each certification clearance a good 105 SGD. The best way to handle this will be just a phone call.

Yup, it is also stated on the report that my certifications are verified verbally. Given that I didn’t give enough information on my first submission as I’ve left out a mark sheet which I was only told on the 3rd week of the first month. So, I submitted again and making damn sure it is what they needed. The process takes another month just to finish it.

They are smart on how to control the communication channels as well. There are no phone numbers to call. You can find a phone number from google search that links directly back to their HQ in India but that number won’t connect.

I sure don’t want to be the support to man those phone lines when applicant start screaming through from their phones on the other end.

The only way you can communicate with them is via a contact form. I can understand why this route is taken. However, it would be great to have a phone number to call and a human on the other sides that would understand your case (No, I won’t scream through my phone. I’m civilize :D).

Possible reason why

  1. No support staffs needed to man the phone lines which can cut cost dramatically and save anyone from being constantly scream at.
  2. Easier to manage since there is only 1 channel for communication. They will email you and you can’t reply back on the email. If you did then it will sent you a “Please don’t reply” to this email message.

I am not in the verification industry so I don’t know what are involves in these processes. However, I can imagine these are pretty simple job and easy money once you have convinced enough big organization to direct the service to you.

I’ve mentioned that the verification being done is through a phone call. So, why the long wait? I understand that in their FAQ page which state that it would take up to 30 – 35 working days or longer if there are any holidays, staff leaves, etc.

Dataflow service is making this kitty sad too
Dataflow service is making this kitty sad too

I just can’t stand the time it needs to do the verification process as we live in this modern age. I mean how long would it takes to call and ask a few questions.

My ideal wait time would be a week and max 2 weeks if the staffs have a lots of case to go through.

Moral of the story

Make damn sure you have your documents properly prepared and don’t left out anything on your first submission. The best case scenario is a waiting length of 1 month or less. If you need to submit subsequent documents because you forget about a piece. Then, you might need to wait another month. The application status page is your best friend to see what is happening.

Make sure to bookmark the contact form to your favorite browser so it will be a one click operation rather than going to their FAQ page again just to find the link.

Good luck! I hope you’ve a better experience than me and if it takes longer than usual then just use the extra time to relax until the report is done.

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