Zen Enso – New App Release

It’s been a while since I posted anything in this small corner of the Internet that is my derelict blog. So, to kick things off, I’m coming back to writing more often. I would like to announce an Android app that I had been working on, Zen Enso.

The project started off last year when the pandemic started but not much focus on development was put into it until early this year to which I have enough content and free time to complete what was started.

Trying To Achieve

The main idea of the app is to trigger a self-inquiry process via the given quote. The questioning of one’s reality and introspection every morning would be a start to better understanding one’s actions and beliefs.

I wanted to give a high quality and refined feel to the user while enjoying the app. By going through with the selected authors on the app with their quotes.

If you are using it, you could use it anywhere like before your day starts, after finishing your lunch, during your tea time when you are taking a break, maybe while you are doing some serious business in the toilet, maybe trying to find peace of mind or before your bedtime.

Great Interests in the Human Mind

There are a lot of good people, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, psychologists, warriors, and writers. To each saying the same thing but express differently through their own individual thoughts within their culture and period of that moment in time.

You may find some are very straight to the point, some roaming around the middle, and others you might think are unsavory or too far out.

All this is in an attempt to give you a glimpse of how the human mind reason and how it might operate. There are many ways to say the same thing and there are many paths to hike up the mountain. So, the same also applies to the human condition, there are many ways to help people see through things themselves.

Human Are Always Contradictory

Some users will think, “Why does an app that’s used for contemplation have an opposing view or saying?”. We, humans, are always in contradiction and conflict within ourselves. The never-ending process of comparison gives us great anxiety and fear.

If you are willing to look deep enough into yourself and then see the people around you. You’ll start to see people are neurotic in one way or another. Some more while others are less.

Cultivate a Health Mind

I hope people using the app will be able to do reflection, contemplation, self-inquiry, and introspection to reach a much-grounded level of reality. A much healthier mind. So, we can take the right action and do what is right.

We are always being occupied by one thing or another in our head chuckles ­čĹÇ chasing endless pleasure while figuring ways to avoid pain and subjugate fear.

The app is like shining a light on a dark corner to illuminate it or finding out that you have a dark corner that you didn’t even know existed within yourself.

Getting the sudden enlightening glimpse of yourself, being aware enough to catch yourself in the middle of it, how people see things, how you see things, how you react to things, your own thought process, how you react to ideas and concepts, and the connection between ideas.

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

Origin Story

If you are interested in the origin story of the app. Mind if I suggest you start reading from this article? A Spark That Kick Off a Quest of a Soul-searching Adventure

Take away

Use this app as a method to live a better life and make better decisions for yourself. It is never too late to change things as everyone is running on their own time. Are you ready to cultivate a healthier mind?

The app got its own page as well, you can check it out here.