Greek Wisdom

Greek Wisdom

Start your day with some Greek wisdom!

Features - Daily Notification, 8 authors, Bookmark, Share and many more

Greek Wisdom
Image by Giammarco @ Credits

The app contains a total of 700+ quotes that are deep and thought-provoking. Enough to satisfy your daily curiosity about questions on your day-to-day life events. Share your favorite free quotes with your friends and family, get a notification for a new one each day, and browse as many as you want.

Read famous saying and sentence from famous Greek-like Socrates, Epictetus, Alexander the Great, Plato, and so forth.

✔ Alexander the Great
✔ Aristotle
✔ Democritus
✔ Demosthenes
✔ Epicurus
✔ Heraclitus
✔ Herodotus
✔ Pericles
✔ Plato
✔ Plutarch
✔ Socrates
✔ Thucydides
✔ Xenophon

✔ Multiple famous authors, thinkers, and philosophers
✔ Mark your favorite quotes
✔ Copy out your favorite quote
✔ Share the best quote to your friends and loves one
✔ Daily notification based on your preferred point in time
✔ Offline viewing when there is no internet connection
✔ Speak aloud the quote at your pleasure
✔ Minimalist UI