The App Reception, Extra Resources, and a Closing to the Story

This post is the twelfth entry in a series of 13 about the story behind the app on Zen Enso. Before continuing, I would recommend reading prior entries first to get a better understanding and flow of the contents.

  1. A Spark That Kick Off a Quest of a Soul-searching Adventure
  2. It’s Very Entertaining Listening to Alan Watts
  3. The Old Man Pointing the Way
  4. 13 Lessons I learnt About Myself and Probably Useful to You as Well
  5. The Evolving Ideas and the Differences it Might Have
  6. What Zen Enso is Aiming for and Trying to Bring About
  7. Should Life be a Puzzle to be Figured Out?
  8. The Authors are Who They are: Human Beings
  9. How to Best Use Zen Enso and to Contemplate About Your Life
  10. How Does the Name Zen Enso Comes to Be?
  11. Zen Enso Could be One of My Best Work Yet
  12. The App Reception, Extra Resources, and a Closing to the Story
  13. The TLDR: We Don’t Have All the Time in the World!

Zen Enso Reception

I received positive responses and suggestions as well. So, I guess users are enjoying it. There is an uptick in buying the Pro in-app purchase which indicates that users like the app enough to pay for the full experience.

There are some minor bugs and improvements that I could make and some are already in the backlog for the next release. So, stay tuned!

I got an Instagram account that I usually post image quotes and updates there. Do visit it if you are interested to follow it.

Some Pointers

If you are looking for someplace to start. Go watch and listen to Alan Watts talks either through YouTube or Audiobooks. Read literature on Zen, Buddhism, and Taoism.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

There are some great comics from CC Tsai that touches on Zen, Taoism, Confucianism translated by Brian Bruya to absorb it as a fun comic past-time.

Study Stoics philosophy. Read about Roman and Greeks religions along with their history. Then, if you got bored with that. Go into psychology, read Carl Jung’s works. Go read Joseph Campbell’s books. Once you are done, go into Krishnamurti.

You can check out the book section in this blog for some recommendations or pick an author within the app and find their works via Google.

Dr. K from HealthGamerGG has a nice mental health guide that costs $20 per module with topics on Anxiety, Depression, and Meditation. I’m personally going through the Meditation module now and find it very refreshing to learn from someone with a clinical understanding and a practitioner of 20 years in meditation.

If you find something similar, do recommend me by leaving a comment below.

Thank You!

Thanks for your time! Do drop a comment below to show that you have been here 😁.

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

The app and these posts are no more than a finger pointing away to the moon as Bruce Lee once puts it. So, don’t get too caught up with it. Just see where things might lead and figure things out yourself at your own pace.

Everyone is pacing in their lane in the great marathon of life. There’s no obvious starting, ending point, or milestones in between.

If the app does not help, it is alright to uninstall and find something else more fitting.

If you think Zen Enso helps you. Do give the app a good rating with a review on the Play Store and share it with your family and friends. You could also write in via email to me if you have some suggestions.

I received a lot of emails and Instagram messages in regards to The Stoic app as people find it very useful in their life and make a point to let me know. I appreciate the gesture very much! ☺

I’m always very proud of the fact of my apps are making a positive difference in someone’s life. No matter how small it might be. Live well!

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Thanks for reading the 12th entry in a series of 13 in total. The next post is The TLDR: We Don’t Have All the Time in the World! if you wish to continue the story. See you there!

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