The TLDR: We Don’t Have All the Time in the World!

Thanks for reading (either you jump directly here or read it thoroughly)! šŸ˜Ž I appreciate your time for doing so and I hope that was a good read or it helps in some way.

If not, it’s alright there. It just means you should start finding what’s right for yourself.

This post is the final entry in a series of 13 about the story behind the app on Zen Enso.

  1. A Spark That Kick Off a Quest of a Soul-searching Adventure
  2. It’s Very Entertaining Listening to Alan Watts
  3. The Old Man Pointing the Way
  4. 13 Lessons I learnt About Myself and Probably Useful to You as Well
  5. The Evolving Ideas and the Differences it Might Have
  6. What Zen Enso is Aiming for and Trying to Bring About
  7. Should Life be a Puzzle to be Figured Out?
  8. The Authors are Who They are: Human Beings
  9. How to Best Use Zen Enso and to Contemplate About Your Life
  10. How Does the Name Zen Enso Comes to Be?
  11. Zen Enso Could be One of My Best Work Yet
  12. The App Reception, Extra Resources, and a Closing to the Story
  13. The TLDR: We Don’t Have All the Time in the World!

TDLR – Too Long; Didn’t Read

You might have noticed by now that the theme of these posts starts from a spark, jumping from one place to another sparking more fireworks along the way.

The initial spark comes from my burnout experience which led me to a quest of my soul-searching journey. Then, Alan Watts’s lectures give me a holistic outlook on life as I re-evaluate it as I went through his talks.

After that, I went deep diving into Eastern religion, spirituality, and philosophies because they captured my interests. It’s just very interesting as my mind wants to decode this enigma of the self. It leads to many places and I come across many subjects.

What brings it home was finally discovering Krishnamurti’s works which shattered everything else. He made things clear as day through his works on YouTube and his books. He does not spoon-feed people but instead guides them to find their answers.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

I want to return the favor to another person of what I learned to whoever is interested. Like paying it forward sort of deal. Thus, Zen Enso is born out of this desire to help another slightly confusing fellow human being into a less confused person.

I would like to end this entry in hope that Zen Enso will become a spark to others.

Thanks for coming to my discounted TED talk šŸ˜‚

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