Working In The Tiny Red Dot – Singapore

After working for 2 years in Malaysia. I’ve decided that it is prime time for a switch up as the Malaysian economy is slowly stagnating and I want to supercharge my savings. The fastest way I know how is to earn a neighboring country currency. That’s the Singaporean Dollar.

The Hunt

Packing up and moving across the border might be a huge deal for someone but not for me. I got very little to nail me down physically as I am still single, young and no heavy financial obligation to pin me to a locale. Heck why not.

I leverage my network of friends who are already on the ground of the little red dot. I was lucky, there are two advantages I’ve as the country are in short supply of IT professionals and I’m from a neighboring country.

The first factor was because the local was demanding an unrealistic salary from what I read and more people would go into financial or business sector rather than in Software. The government is trying hard to make Singapore to become the next Silicon Valley from the looks of it but I won’t bet on it.

The second is due to Malaysian having similar understanding and culture to Singapore. So, getting the permit will be easier given you have all the right documentations in place.

In my search, I stumbled upon an opportunity that matches to skill sets I already owned. Android development, this was from one of my friend’s company who have an opening for Software Engineer. So, I took it and never look back since. Best choice I made! I was getting stressed out in my short stint as a SAP CRM Consultant working on their cloud solutions.

So, lets see what are the advantages of my move would net me.

Exchange Rates

You got to love the exchange rate. For an island that have no natural resources, Singapore have done pretty well for itself thanks to the foresight of it’s forerunners. Just look at the buying power Singaporean have. Earning 1 Singaporean Dollar (SGD) is almost equal to 3 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

The brain drain is real guys. Malaysia raises smart and intelligent worker and Singapore recruit most of them into their economy.

Exiting the Comfort Zone

This is also a good chance to gather my thoughts or maybe solidify it a little better. I’m not sure about you but I always have episodes of finding out what I really should refocus on with my life. The good thing is the picture is getting clearer every time I start to question again.

I have read accounts that a move like this can help the person to gain a better perspective in life. Not only so, but able to understand one’s own self better. Before I made the move, I was still living with my parents to save money. I mean, who doesn’t like free laundry service, rent and food? Jokes aside. I need to forgo that comfort zone altogether and grow.

Expanding my toolbox

Another great thing about this is that I have the chance to add new skills in my toolbox. I already have several that help me make it this far. To name a few, it’s things like Photoshop editing, time management, coding in Android, understanding currency exchange rates, packing light for business or pleasure, planning on an itinerary as a skill that would enrich myself. You get the drill.

I’m sure to add even more skill into my toolbox as I live and work here for the time being.

It’s been half a year already

Boy! I miss my king size bed in my room, big spaces in my parent house, brightly lit large desk of mine that is attached to my powerful gaming rig. I don’t game much here although I have laptop that can do that.

After spending 6 months here, I have more or less settled into a lifestyle routine. I could exercise more here compare to Malaysia. It’s crazy easy here since everything is so concentrated so very thing is compact. I could easily schedule 3 runs and a bike ride every week. Food is cheap and abundant. Singapore can be as cheap or as expensive you want it to be.

Maybe next time I will write about the benefits of living in Singapore vs Malaysia. I know people love to compare the different country. Most of the time this can become a heated topic on its own. Each have its own merits and drawbacks. I think it really depends on which you prefer most.

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