About Me

Hello, I’m Tommy!


I’m the one with dimple on his face and wearing a dark grey shirt while the arm is crossed.

A kid at heart trying to find his place in this world and in search of mental clarity of it all. This is my little place in the Internet where I will write and share what I’ve learnt in my road to  search of the illusive peace and happines that everyone is trying to find but can’t reach its destination.

By trade, an Android developer creating beautiful and meaningful apps which I hope is helpful to others and aid them to lead a slightly much more enlighten and awaken life in this dark and gloomy world that we so cheerish as modern life.

At night, an avid learner in philosophy especially in stoicism, buddhism, zen and taoism. In short, I am seeking how can I live a good life and help others along the way. I’ve been in search of a path to reach the state of equanimity which is a state much sought after by the above mentioned school of thoughts.

This blog was founded in 2014. The topics will center around technology, japan, travel, living, philosophy and culture. If you like what I am doing remember to subscribe to my feeds or follow me on social media.

Tech Specs

I build mostly Android apps, RESTful web services, and backend architecture. You can read more about it in my LinkedIn page.

Stacks: Kotlin, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, MYSQL, CCNA and Linux.

Why the Domain Name?

You noticed? It is a bit cheesy to have my personal blog ending with a .rocks rather than a normal .com. It’s literally saying that I am a Rockstar! Well, I will spare you with my lousy humor. I wanted to get a domain with my name and preferably with a .com but didn’t manage to do it as Tommy Lee is a popular name. For instance, the drummer from Motley Crue or Tommy Lee Jones himself.

On a random stumble I saw this .rocks top level domain and thought that this might work. So, tommylee.rocks was born.

Let’s Connect

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